About Lucy

Learn a little more about how Lucy works and what she can do for your business.

If your business processes orders all day, every day, you probably get plenty of those orders via email, straight from your customers' purchasing software.

In contrast to the 'automatic' nature of an online order, it's up to someone to get those manual orders into your ERP. 

You want to keep errors and cost-to-serve at a minimum, and your customers want a quick turn-around on their orders, so speed and accuracy are paramount. 

But all of this order processing doesn't have to mean a huge investment in resources... 

Let Lucy handle it.

Lucy grabs those emailed orders straight from your mailbox. She checks them for errors, then integrates them to your ERP. If there's a problem along the way, Lucy helps you sort it out.  

So how does Lucy work? 

  1. Your customer creates a purchase order the same way they normally do. 
  2. They email the order to you. 
  3. Lucy is constantly checking the mailbox, so she receives the email immediately. 
  4. Lucy reviews the message and assigns it to a Trading Partner (your customer) based on the sender. If the sender is unknown, she'll let you know.  
  5. Lucy checks the message for attachments, and if a PDF is found, she opens it. 
  6. If Lucy has processed orders for this customer before, she'll read and validate the order, then integrate it right into your ERP. 
  7. If Lucy hasn't seen an order for this customer, she'll ask you to map the fields on the PDF. Once that's done, Lucy will take it from there. 
  8. Lucy works non-stop, 24/7 - no breaks, no holidays.

Lucy sweats the small stuff for you.

Worried about errors? No need - Lucy handles all kinds of data. She can work with exceptions found around: 

  • Product Codes - set up translations for customers who order using their own product codes, define mapping rules, or use the model override function.
  • Pricing - when pricing is incorrect, Lucy will flag it for correction
  • Model code overrides - If you use an alternate ERP field for model numbers, you can tell Lucy where to look.  

Where to from here? 

If you'd like an assessment on how Lucy can streamline order processing for your business, contact us to get started.  

You can also find information around our on-boarding process here: