Mapping a PDF

Learn How to Map a PDF Purchase Order

It's 4pm Wednesday afternoon and your orders mailbox is overflowing! 

Except that it's not, because Lucy has been handling it around the clock - reading messages, checking attachments, and processing your orders. Phew.

Reading the PDF 

As Lucy opens each PDF, she links it to the correct Trading Partner. If this is Lucy's first order from that particular customer, their PDF will need to be mapped so that Lucy knows where to find crucial data such as: 

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Product Code
  • Quantity
  • Delivery Address 

Once you've mapped the first PDF for a customer, it's essentially set and forget (unless your customer changes their purchase order format, in which case Lucy will request a document review). 

How to map the PDF

  1. When you login, the Lucy dashboard will display a link to emails requiring attention. Click this tile to go directly to those messages. 

  2. Click 'View' on the message you'd like to review. The details of the message will be displayed. 

  3. The View Message section contains a split screen view of the Message Details, the Lucy Timeline, the Email Body and the Purchase Order (or orders), where you will be directed to map the document if a map has not already been created. 

  4. Create A Document Map.

  5. In right hand panel, there are 2 sections: 

    • Order Items - these are fields that relate to the overall order, such as the Order Number, Customer Code, or Date. 

    • Line Items - this is the data at order line level, such as Product Code, Quantity, and Price.

  6. Select a field to map. You'll see the icon status change from Map to Mapping.

  7. Click and drag your cursor across the document field to highlight the data (if you make a mistake, just click the 'X' next to the Mapping icon and try again).  

  8. Once the field is highlighted, you'll notice a square in the top right corner of your selection. 

  9. Click this square to review the data Lucy found.

    (tick) If it's correct and you're happy with the mapping, Close the review box and move on to your next mapping item. The icon status for that field will change to 'Mapped'.
    (error) If it's incorrect or incomplete, close the review box and click 'X' next to the mapping icon so you can try again. 

  10. Repeat this for all required fields on the PDF. 

  11. Save the mapping for this Trading Partner by clicking 'Reprocess' to have the mapping saved and the order integrated to the ERP. 

Mapping Rules 

Because every Trading Partner is different, you may need to create special rules for certain fields on the PDF map. You may need to remove prefixes your customer adds to their Purchase Order number, for example.

Sound like something you need? Checkout our guide to Mapping Rules

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