FAQ's & Troubleshooting

 How can I assign a Customer Code when dealing with one PDF format across Multiple Debtors?

If you need to assign a unique Customer Code (otherwise known as an account code or debtor code) to your Trading Partner's order in Lucy, you can start by adding a Customer Code mapping field to your Document Map. Check out this guide on how to set this up! 

 Forgot your password?

Just use the 'Forgot Your Password'? link on the login page. We'll email you a link with instructions on how to reset it. If your reset password email times out, navigate back to the login page and request another password.

 How can I change my password?

Your Lucy User Account password can be reset by logging into Lucy with your existing Username & Password. After you login, an Options menu is available in the top right corner. Hover over it and select Change Password.
We'll ask you to enter your current password before setting a new password and confirming it.

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